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About Us 

Upcoming handcraft production business, focusing on producing high quality wooden tables which are handcrafted by Sergej Prokofiev (owner of company) carefully and with care and then sold to our customers.

We are also taking special personalised orders, so if you have your own idea of what wood you want your table to be made out of or any other specific request, we're happy to hear it!

Sergejs Story:

In my young age I was studying carpentry and furniture design however after my studies I've never worked in that area of expertise. I opened my small company which comprised of a group of trained professionals who

were sent to complete projects which my company received. Through out that time I always wanted to construct beautiful furniture from high quality wood and create immensely unique and interesting products compared to the general market. This is how I opened my second company which focuses on producing exceptional tables from different types of unique wood. 

I produce all the products/tables myself using epoxy. I can guarantee that the table you purchase will last you a very long time if you treat it well and take good care of it. 
The tables you can see on the website and purchase have different epoxy styles, so every table is a one-off copy which will be exclusive after sold; as the epoxy style and wood is different with each construction.

I handcraft the entire process, so I create each table as if it were for myself. All the extra products which I use for my work like polishes or protective coating are of the finest quality which I meticulously pick out before purchasing and applying on my tables.

My future plans are to open up my own showroom where people can come and view my work. I would also love to further expand my skills and produce different types of furniture.

Owner Sergej Prokofiev

'Hello my name is Sergej Prokofiev and I hope I introduced myself well to you and I hope to see you soon.'


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